Water Wars is like paintball, but with water

by Mark R

I’ve never played paintball before, but I am told that those little balls can bruise the next day. What if there was a way to make certain that your opponent was hit, and not use painful (not to mention stain-full) paintballs?

This is the basic concept behind Water Wars. It involves the aqua warring factions to wear these special vests that use hydrochromatic inks. So if you are shooting your opponent, the colored spot will prove that yes, he or she has been hit. Not only that, it turns red, so it looks just like blood!

I have to admit that this idea does seem pretty sound, but I think that the vest looks a little heavy. After all, most people have water-fights on hot days, and this vest feels like it would add a layer of unneeded insulation. And you thought Laser Tag armor was heavy on you!

Also, if the target turns red from the opponents water, then I suppose the player’s water from his or her own gun could have the same effect. In other words, some guy who just filled up his water gun with some H2O should be careful not to wipe the excess moisture on his chest. The mistaken hits could lead to a lot of players crying: “No fair, I got you!”

I don’t have a price or availability date, but Water Wars is one toy that you would want to get to the stores before summer is over.


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Bawb Says: July 9, 2010 at 9:19 am

We’ve used red and blue food coloring dye in water and a 4″ square white piece of cloth for a target. Opposing teams have their own color. Basically played Capture The Flag with squirt guns or spray bottles. Works best if everyone has the same equipment. Best fun I’ve had in a long time with no bruises, unless you run into a tree!

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