Squirt Battle Flotilla


If only the Turks and Israelis were this buddy-like when approaching the latter’s shores, with the Squirt Battle Flotilla floating across peacefully to deliver some laughs instead of getting boarded and assaulted. We don’t mean to demean the deceased, but the world could do with a whole lot more love and peace, don’t you think so? This floating battle system will see a couple of kids in mobile squirt vessels to go up against another two children who are required to defend a stationary squirt platform. Since these are inflatable vessels, you might want to purchase an air pump instead of relying on lung power alone which will probably have you end up at the hospital instead from a collapsed lung. Each of these will come with two built-in squirt jets, and are powered by the same principle employed in spray bottles so you won’t have to worry about battery issues. Water is drawn from siphons and will be extended into the water below. All squirt jets can be rotated 360º, so that you will be able to fire at your opponent regardless of the direction. The platform supports up to 225 lbs of weight, while the boat does 150 lbs. Enjoy some summer fun for $79.95!

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