Aquanatass gives you a human figure in the shower

by Mark R

Remember that reflective showerhead we reported about yesterday? This is one of the weirdest showerheads I have seen.

I actually think this is more of a shower body. This is what the Aquanatass is, a human-shaped shower designed by sculptor and artist Hubert Rieber. It sprays water from its head like an aqua crown, and spews it out from its mouth as well. I’m not certain why someone would make a human in a shower, but I believe the concept was to create a sense of security.

Honestly, I don’t see how having a giant statue that looks like an Oscar give me any piece of security. If you really want think in a subtly darker realm, then you should know that yes, there are pictures of a woman getting very friendly with this Aquanatass, and I didn’t post them here because they are somewhat NSFW. By the way, these same shots from my Source have a woman in a burka. I swear, you cannot make up this stuff.

I don’t have a price on this Aquantass, but it is available in only a few places, such as Switzerland or the United Arab Emirates. I’m guessing that it will probably be quite expensive, like in the 5-figure range.


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