Reflect showerhead doubles up as mirror as well


Are you really that short of time always that you need to shave while you shower? Either that, or it is a habit of yours to do so simply because you prefer to be ruthlessly efficient. Well, for those who can’t live without hot water, you should know that it can be pretty frustrating trying to shave yourself off that five o’clock shadow with a misted up mirror no thanks to the ‘fog’ that builds up, especially so during the colder days. Reflect is the latest solution to address such a conundrum, especially when it merges both a showerhead and a non-fogging mirror. Boasting a flat, square reflective front surface, the top segment will double up as the mirror, while water will spray out continually from the five rows of holes on the bottom segment. Before getting to these holes, however, hot water has to first travel through the top section, which would warm it up to prevent the process of condensation from taking place. Pretty smart, don’t you think? Although we’re not too sure whether the $295 asking price for the Reflect is worth it after having a much cheaper solution – shaving before you shower.

Source: Cool Hunting

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lexi Says: July 13, 2010 at 7:05 am

wwww. – same concept. A LOT LESS EXPENSIVE.

John Says: July 13, 2010 at 9:40 am

Lexi – I like that find! Bought one. It saved me $265 over this mirror and does the same thing

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