Kickboxing Station with Gloves


Are you frustrated that Germany was outplayed by Spain in the second semi-finals of the World Cup? If you can’t find a more constructive way to vent your anger and disappointment apart from drinking pint after pint of lager, might we suggest the Kickboxing Station with Gloves? This $189 purchase might seem a tad expensive, but at least using it won’t leave you with an ever expanding beer gut, but will instead allow you to obtain a total body workout as you learn simple self-defense moves and improve your cardiovascular health, right smack in the comfort of your own home. Of course, as you watch the finals this weekend while hoping for the Netherlands to gain revenge on behalf of Germany to defeat Spain, you can still “cheer” your way through using plenty of kicks and punches, letting them fly accurately. With six height positions, it is ideal for both children and adults. Each purchase comes with gloves, a pump for the speed bag and a stabilizing base which relies on either water or sand to keep it stable.

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