The Future Robot FURO helps you shop

I’ve seen a lot of robots that were meant to be guides before, such as these little red ones in Santander’s Group City in Madrid. This is the Future Robot who is designed to make a shopper comfortable while shopping.

You will note how this robot has a head that is nothing more than a television set, and its animated likeness doesn’t look like how a human being would interact, at all. There is a video after the jump if you would like to see more of her…it.

You will also notice how that the Future Robot, or FURO, has a screen mounted where its hands (as well as everything between them) are located. I believe that the screen is a touchscreen, so customers can make choices from there.

I’m not certain what the purpose of this FURO is. I’m thinking that if this were to work, then you could state, type, touch, or somehow input the item you want, and then the FURO would tell you where in the mall or department store the item is. Perhaps an advanced model could even ring up the shopper with a credit card payment, and then the item can be waiting at the store for pickup.

Most of the sources on this robot seem to agree this robot’s persona is a little freaky. I will have to admit that it reminds me of something out of Steven Spielberg’s A.I.: Artificial Intelligence.