Ricoh GXR system gets lens kit

Ricoh has recently announced that they will be offering a new lens kit for their modular GXR digital camera system. We’re talking about a spanking new 10-megapixel S10 wide-angle zoom lens unit which will boast a high sensitivity image sensor, and this technology will go some way in helping prevent blurred images from occuring whenever you’re out there snapping photos of your favorite subjects and places, while giving you the ability to fill the frame with an up close and personal subject without being farther than half an inch away. Talk about getting to know the subject really well! I believe this will go down well with those who love nature shots as well as others who want to try something new with their photography equipment, exploring and breaking previous boundaries in the process.

Ricoh will position the new 10 mexapixel S10 24-72mm F2.5-4.4 VC lens unit as a photographer’s everyday zoom devices, where it is more than capable of offering “high-level image quality and superior portability.” To help it keep in line with previous GXR lens units, the S10 is able to slide into the main system body and will be equipped with its own sensor (in this case a 1/1.7-inch CCD sensor with an ISO100 to 3200 sensitivity range). Since the main body already ships with all the relevant controls, you won’t have to worry about connectivity or flash, enjoying the benefits of a 3″ LCD display in the process.

Apart from that, Ricoh is also offering 3x optical zoom (and 4x digital zoom), Smooth Imaging Engine IV image processing and similar to the P10 unit, the new lens unit will incorporate Ricoh’s very own sensor shift vibration correction technology that helps suppress unwanted blur. The S10 is more than capable of shooting in both JPEG and RAW still image formats, while going around recording VGA-quality video for posterity. Ricoh has tested the battery, touting it to last for up to 410 shots before a recharge is required. As for the S10 GXR body and lens kit, expect it to hit the market from July 18 onwards for $599.