UV Bubblegun makes summer more fun


You should get your kids outdoors during summer instead of having them all cooped up at home, sitting in front of the telly and thumbing the PS3 or Xbox 360 controllers all day long. With the UV Bubblegun, it ought to get those toddlers and pre-teens excited and pry them away from the Wii, since £9.99 will net you one of this innovative bubble blowing guns that featuers some super-cool UV lights to boot. It works well indoors too, but office workers who still have a kid’s mind might want to be a little cautious around their computers. If you happen to look into the gun itself, you can check out how the bubbles are manufactured, so be prepared to answer questions from inquisitive little ones. Each pull of the trigger will sprays a stream of bubbles, while lights within the gun will show up to illuminate the bubbles, making it work equally well in the light and in the dark as well. It will be powered by a trio of AA batteries which are included to help you get started right out of the box.

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