SPFX Masks look way too much like the real thing

Take a look at this person here. If you notice a certain fake quality about him, then you are not alone.

There is a person here, but it is underneath a mask. That’s right, what you are seeing here with this Stone Cold Steve Austin lookalike here is nothing more than a mask.

I have a video of this after the jump so you can see the masked person for yourself. You will notice the realistic movements of the face that include twitching, moving the forehead, and other things that you wouldn’t think a person in a mask could do. Man, that guy’s real face (assuming it is a guy) must be dipped in glue.

It makes we wonder if we can actually have that Mission Impossible technology that allows for someone covering their face with a mask in order to impersonate someone else. I think we all know that effect was just switching with another actor, with some trick photography to make it look like the MIF team was putting on masks.

I’m not certain that this mask would fool me, but that is because I know it is a mask, and I’m looking to see what makes it fake. The real trick is whether or not this would fool me if someone came up to me on the street with these. Especially if they were trying to impersonate someone that I know very well, like they did in Mission Impossible.


5 thoughts on “SPFX Masks look way too much like the real thing”

  1. I like this kind of tech but it only sets itself up to be banned. Once some major crime occurs because of one of these they will be banned forever. You think when they invent full invisibility that everyone will be able to buy it? HELL NO

  2. i really like this mask, how much does something like this cost or are they for sale?

  3. Guys they’re on “spfxmasks.com” from 500 bcks to a strong 1200 bucks… I’m 15 trying to make enough money to buy an old man one.

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