Sniper Stand keeps it simple

There are a whole lot of smart phone stands out there that promise to be minimalistic, but this one seems to top them all.  Instead of having a stand that pops out when you need it, it just utilizes what you always have just sitting in your pocket or purse.  It’s a small bubble that stays on your iPhone or any other smart phone.  Then when you need a stand you just drag out your credit card or even your hotel key card.

You just pop it into one of the slits and it holds it upright.  It has a couple different ways to slide it into the Sniper Stand, so you can turn your phone more than one way.  These come with Peel & Stick Scotch 3M VHB Adhesive that’s removable, but still strong.  These appear to all come in glossy black right now, but perhaps they’ll get in other colors later.  You can purchase one for $9.95 through the Sniper Stand website.

Source: NerdApproved