Samsung has new Q Series notebooks out


Samsung, a name that many of us are familiar with especially when it comes to consumer electronics, is also carving out a pretty reliable niche for itself in the computer and digital camera markets lately. This is true when it comes to the new Q Series of notebooks which will come in three different models, and they are the 13.3″ Q330, 14″ Q430 and 15.6″ Q530, where all of them will come with 720p displays. The highest end model among the three would be the Q530, where it is pretty mobile considering a thickness that measures slightly more than an inch thin, boasting processing power from an Intel Core i3 2.26GHz processor, although those who want more punch can always fork out additional dough and get the Intel Core i5. Best to watch that battery life though, since a better processor often means a higher power consumption, so you might want to pick up a larger capacity battery in the process if you tend to do work across long haul flights with no power outlet in sight. Apart from that, the Q530 won’t be wanting when it comes to graphics processing, since NVIDIA’s 1GB GeForce GT 330M is included into the entire mix. The whole works will tip the scales at around 5.3lbs – not exactly the most lightweight model out there, but it will have to suffice considering the kind of components you find within.

Apart from that, a similar chipset will be available as an option on the smaller Q430, although the video card comes with half the amount of memory – we’re talking about a 512MB GeForce 310M as standard fare. Apart from that, it shares pretty much similar configurations including an Intel Core i3 processor and 4GB RAM as the Q530. Some of the differences include a smaller, 320GB hard drive compared to the Q530’s 500GB unit. The Q430 will weigh in at a slightly lighter 4.6lbs.

Last but not least would be the Q330 which comes with the same CPU alongside hybrid graphics, helping you switch between the integrated Intel processor and NVIDIA’s GeForce 310M, as and when required. It is the lightest among the three at 4.3lbs, with a five-cell battery life rated at up to seven hours.

Source: Electronista

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Bodhost LTD Affiliate Program Says: July 6, 2010 at 3:21 am

Samsung has become one of an leading provider in mobile phone & now in the turn of Laptops. It has covered the Developing market in almost all countries. As the competition is tuff but still there are good results from Saumsung.

Vijayant jain Says: July 6, 2010 at 12:57 pm

Well samsung has really become a brand.It’s my favorite brand now.It is also doing wonders in mobile world.I really loved the samsung LED 3D range of samsung LEDs.

Well do you think that this brand has the potential?

Waiting for your reply!!!!

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