Andev Sensor Plug

Not all houses have an abundance of well located light switches.  There are some that make turning on a light a royal pain.  Especially in cases where there isn’t any over head lighting.  Thankfully you can have this sensor that will make it easier to have some light, but it won’t stay on too long and suck up too much power.  Although I wouldn’t exactly suggest using this in a room where you sleep if you’re a big time toss and turn kind of person.

The light is able to detect when it’s dark and movement.  That means that it also won’t just kick on constantly throughout the day.  Once it does sense movement it’ll stay on for 2-6 minutes, unless it senses you moving within that time period and then the timer goes back to zero.  You can also use it for a fan, radio or even your TV.  With that being the case it could be a handy little burglar deterrent.  You can purchase it for $15.19 through CyberGuys.

Source: Bookofjoe