Yu Kwang Soo’s Speaker Furniture

If you’re bored of looking at all of the furniture with speakers built into it that are currently out on the market, you should check out these new items from the designer Yu Kwang Soo.  It all has a very luxurious feel and makes sure that your music is always nearby.  It’s all being created for the DMY International Design Festival Berlin 2010, but those of you that won’t be making it to the festival can at least take a look at things online.

Of course were this ever to be created and put up for sale, I’m sure this furniture wouldn’t go for cheap.  However, it’s fun to see how designers integrate speakers into random pieces of furniture.  These are made to work with all of you portable music players, but it can also play CD’s as well.  You can view the rest of the Korean designer’s work by going here.

Source: BornRich