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Skyhook Wireless might not be familiar to some of you out there, so here’s a little bit of nitty gritty on it – it is a provider of the Core Location Platform, where the company recently announced that Samsung will deploy Skyhook’s technology across multiple Samsung mobile devices. Skyhook has chosen the Samsung Wave (also known as the S8500) to be the first handset to roll out with its Skyhook service. Of course, we do hope that the Wave will not be the last phone to do so, as this is one of the first few bada-powered open mobile platform phones to arrive in the market at the moment. The addition of Skyhook on Samsung devices like the Wave results in an all location-aware application which offers the most precise, reliable, and fastest location information available.

Geo-location is at the center of this mobile innovation, and seems to be more and more fundamental to a host of emerging mobile services these days. After all, you can check out hundreds, if not thousands of mobile applications today which incorporate location as a part of their user experience. Precise location will help consumers to check-in with friends, find nearby concerts and exhibits, or even get directions to the destinations of their choice despite being in an unfamiliar place. As for other experiences including turn-by-turn navigation or local search, location is at the very centre, with applications such as Twitter, Shazam and OpenTable incorporating location to simplify user experience and to personalize content delivery.

Currently, Skyhook is the de facto leader in geo-location technology, capable of fulfilling hundreds of millions of location requests each day over a 100 million handsets, netbooks and digital cameras – are those figures enough to send your head into a spin? With the ground-breaking Core Location system from Skyhook Wireless, it will merge Wi-Fi, cellular and GPS readings to produce a single, accurate location quickly and in all environments.

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