Melodyhorn Air Powered Synth for the musically inclined

Do you have a penchant for making music? You might be interested then in picking up the Melodyhorn Air Powered Synth, but don’t be fooled by it being made out of plastic. After all, being plastic doesn’t mean it won’t work as well as a metal piece of instrument, but then again it might just be a whole lot less longer lasting than one made out of the solid stuff. Just what is the $29.99 Melodyhorn Air Powered Synth, you ask? Well, it is a brand of melodica, featuring keys of a piano, although you play it in a similar manner to that of a woodwind instrument, making it polyphonic like a keyboard or a harmonica. Haven’t heard of the melodica branch of instruments? Well, you might just be a wee bit surprised to know that the following artists have featured a melodica instrument in their albums or live shows before, and we’re talking about Ben Folds, Faith No More, Oasis, Depeche Mode, The String Cheese Incident, Cake, Cyndi Lauper, Indigo Girls, Herbie Hancock, and even The Beatles.