Let HERB take care of your household

by Mark R

My wife can tell you how much I hate to do household chores, and perhaps it is time that we got ourselves a HERB.

The Home Exploring Robot Butler is project in development by Intel, and it is able to do some basic chores like clearing the table, serving meals, and my least favorite chore: doing the dishes.

Yeah, it is too good to be true. Not only that, it is a little slow to be practical, according to my source. Apparently the best it can do is identify anything that you, the owner of HERB wants, and then bring it to you. So like if you wanted a can of soda, for example, you could ask for it, even extend your hand so it would drop it in your palm.

However, I would not mind at all if HERB stayed up all night in order to clean up for the next day. I sure that I would eventually learn to live with it moving about in the night, if I could wake up to a clean kitchen and living room the next day.

Yeah, I don’t really know when we are going to live in that age where robots do all our chores for us. I guess my dreams of having a personal Rosie from The Jetsons are far from coming true.


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Igig Says: July 18, 2010 at 9:45 am


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