Terrafugia Transition gets FAA approval

by Mark R

Nothing I love more than seeing the dream of the flying car come to pass, and I have just seen part of that happen today.

The last time we covered the Terrafugia Transition, the company had said that they wanted them out by the end of 2009. Well, 2009 has come and gone, and there are currently no signs of flying cars cluttering our skies.

However, the FAA has just approved the Terrafugia Transition for flight time. If you have $194,000, you can fly this car with fold out wings.

My Source says that it only takes 20 hours of flying time to get the proper license to fly one of these guys It can’t do vertical take-offs and landings, so you will have to get your own runway or request take-off clearance from an airport tower.

The last I heard, there are over 100 of these Terrafugia Transition flying cars on order. That must mean that there are at least one hundred rich guys just itching to get in their 20 hours so they can fly one of these things.

I wonder if there will ever come a time when I will look up in the skies with my future grandchild, and see swarms of flying cars. Then I will say: “It all started when the FAA approved of the TerraFugia Transition”.


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