Doggie Fountain for thirsty pooches


It goes without saying that you ought to supply enough fresh water for your furkid at all times, but what happens when you’re a forgetful person to fill up Fido’s water bowl every now and then? Save yourself dirty looks from your neighbors as well as sparing Fido from thirst with the $39.98 Doggie Fountain, where it will connect to any garden hose where you can adjust water height simply by controlling the water pressure. The fountain will be activated whenever the dog steps on the metal plate, which means fresh water is available at all times without worrying about hot days evaporating all the water you poured out earlier. The thing is, how do you train your pooch to step on the plate when it is thirsty? After all, not all owners see a dog as part of the family to go the extra mile to do so…

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