Oscar the Bionic Cat

Oscar is a New Jersey cat who recently suffered an accident. A combine harvester ran over him while he was napping, and his two back legs were severed.

Fortunately, there is bionics. Noel Fitzpatrick, a vet from Surrey, England, realized that Oscar was the perfect candidate for new procedure.

I have a video after the jump so you can see the cat for yourself, and it shows that the metal rods in Oscar’s back paws have bonded with his skin. The body doesn’t seem to be rejecting them.

The video shows Oscar on these intrasseous trascutaneous amputation prosthetics (ITAPs). You can see that he looks a little awkward on his bionic feet. He will apparently get more realistic feet before too long.

Okay, this is about time for me to make Six Million Dollar Cat jokes. Here’s one that might not come off well on paper. You know that sound the Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman used to make when they used their bionic powers? You know, when they were moving in slowmo which indicated that they were moving really, really fast?

Just picture Oscar jumping while making that sound. Only the sound is a cat’s angry hiss, like Fft-fft-fft-fft and then jumping over a building or something. It’s hysterical if you get it.


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  1. Oscar was from Jersey, which is one of the channel islands as part of the UK
    This is a brilliant story and Fitzpatrick is an incredible vet to have taken this on and set up his referral centre. 🙂

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