England No. 1 Footie Fan


With England ready to face up to Germany in a short while at the World Cup, you can be sure that many Englishmen out there will claim that they are England’s No. 1 footie fan – unfortunately, their position is threatened by the real McCoy, the England No. 1 Footie Fan. This version might be pint-sized, but his merry chanting and dancing will definitely have you in stitches. Needless to say, he is wearing an England shirt and fabric jeans, where pressing his button will see him wave his scarf back and forth while shouting out one of a variety of chants. Best of all is, he won’t be arrested for acting like a hooligan just in case the German tanks steamroll over the Three Lions, for we will look towards the 5-1 victory engineered by Sven some time back as a source of inspiration. If you’re a true blue Three Lions fan, then forking out £19.99 for this puppy shouldn’t be asking for too much, eh?

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Marky Says: June 28, 2010 at 2:27 am

Great little fella! I got one for my desk at the office to annoy my office mates lol. Got mine via PanGadgets.com

Shame england is out of the world cup though. I’ll probably keep mine til next major event.

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