Etymotic CUSTOM FIT earmold program


It is said that our earprints are pretty much in the same way as our fingerprints, in which they are unique. That might be the case, but good thing the cops prefer to get our ID via fingerprints since having to press my ear onto an ink pad is not my idea of fun. Etymotic, however, sees things differently simply for one reason – they’re in the audio business, which is why their CUSTOM•FIT earmold program makes it affordable and a snap for average consumers to enjoy the same kind of uniquely customized earmolds that musicians and other sound professionals depend on when it comes to unequalled sound quality and long hours of listening comfort.

Etymotic is the brains behind in-ear technology that happened more than a couple of decades ago, and continues to advance the standards for high-fidelity, noise-isolating listening products. With its CUSTOM•FIT earmold program, you will be able to choose this as an optional upgrade for each Etymotic earphone and headset purchase, helping you experience the ultimate in personal listening comfort, where each is perfectly crafted for each individual’s ears.

The CUSTOM•FIT upgrade program will deliver custom-matched earmolds to replace the eartips that come with Etymotic earphones and headsets. Since the CUSTOM•FIT earmold is an perfect replica of your own ear, you can be sure that it will offer the best seal for impeccable sound quality and the highest degree of comfort imaginable. And if anybody asks you about the lack of a comfortable fit on your ear, you can tell them that this is just made for you and nobody else, not because you’re purchasing some mass market made-in-China eartips. Etymotic knows that the economy isn’t exactly in the best frame at the moment, which is why this process costs $100 per Etymotic product that is deemed to be incredibly affordable. It will take anywhere from a fortnight to 3 weeks for it to ship to your doorstep.

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