AlcoHawk Slim Ultra

I believe that the AlcoHawk is named because it will “watch you like a hawk” to see if it is safe to get behind the wheel.

This personal breathalyzer is a battery operated product that can show the alcohol in the user’s bloodstream. The user simply presses a button and blow into a mouthpiece.

After a few seconds, the LCD screen will show the user’s Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) from a scale of 0 percent to 0.40 percent in about 20 seconds. Is it possible to even have a 0.40 percent without being dead? I’m not certain how you’ll get breath out of him then.

The AlcoHawk Slim Ultra is made from Q3 Innovations, and it claims to have an accuracy margin of .01 to .02 percent.

You can say that this could save a life, and I suppose it could. However, I believe that most drunk drivers get behind the wheel because they probably don’t think that they are too drunk to drive. I don’t know if the AlcoHawk will convince them not to get behind the wheel.

You should be able to get the AlcoHawk Slim Ultra for about $50, and it costs $20 per recalibration. You can also can get a disposable one known as the AlcoHawk One Test that costs about $10.


3 thoughts on “AlcoHawk Slim Ultra”

  1. This is one of those redundant gadgets that nobody will ever truly use as a practical means. First-off, if you NEED this gadget to determine whether your too drunk to drive, you definitely don’t need to drive period. Second, if you buy this because you do drink too much, well, you need more than this gadget… You need to join an AAA group.

  2. @huki, how do you know? have you used this product? If you are having a party, and you don’t want friends to drive home drunk, $50 sounds like a bargain to save lives, or stop a $6000 DUI. I have this product and it works.

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