PoolSprint lets you run underwater

by Mark R

It has been a while since I ran for fun, and I wish I could say those days are not over. In other words, I need to run more often, otherwise my gut will grow.

If I could afford a pool, I would use this particular piece of exercise equipment called the PoolSprint, which is essentially a treadmill underwater.

Anyone who has ever ran underwater knows how difficult it is to move your legs in the drink, and this is the whole point. Sometimes exercise and other athletics is about doing things that are hard so other physical activities are easier.

For example, those basketball hoop rims that you can buy that are smaller than the usual hoop. This way, it is a lot easier to make a real basket.

I would imagine that after the PoolSprint allows the user to feel like they are running on air after a few runs in the PoolSprint.

I look at this device and wonder is it possible to do a treadmill underwater without those handles that you grab on to like a treadmill on land. Is there any reason that a PoolSprint user couldn’t just run in the shallow end of the pool and get the same type of workout?


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John Says: June 21, 2010 at 9:43 pm

I’m sorry about this, but there is a compulsion and I can’t seem to overcome its strength. If there has to be a bad guy here, then I’m afraid bad guy wouldn’t be the proper term. I suppose even the singular “Guy” should be the plural bad girls. This group of girls would be the Dominican Sisters of Houston Texas. They spent years and caused me to spread gallons of Shaffer’s blue ink on reams, and reams of loose leaf filler paper, diagramming countless sentences and conjugating every verb of which the good Sisters could think, hence the afore mentioned compulsion. This wording is in error. “Anyone who has ever ran underwater knows how…” should be “Anyone who has ever run underwater knows how…”
It should be noted here, that the good Sisters used copious quantities of red ink proving, if there was ever any doubt, I am not perfect. For all I know there could certainly be glaring grammatical errors in my little spiel. Compulsions being what they are forgive me and blame the Nuns.

hukiworld Says: June 22, 2010 at 2:08 am

This could be fun way to lose weight and stay in shape while cooling off at the same time. This gadget gets my 3 egg rating.

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