I have officially left E3 and still tired after the Move

I’m sure that you know that I have been at E3 all week, and I got back late yesterday.

Yes, I saw a lot of great things, and reported about them all week. I can honestly say that I didn’t try out the Kinect from Microsoft or the Nintendo 3DS because the lines were too long. I did stop by the Sony booth to play with the Move.

Yes, that’s me in the picture, and I’m playing a game known as Kung-Fu Rider. In this game, I move the stick forward to get my transport in the game going, which is on an office chair. I won’t go into detail on that, but steering is done by moving the Move to the left or the right.

This type of game playing may sound familiar to you, and yes, it is called a Wiimote. It is impossible to talk about the Move without comparing it the Wiimote, honestly. It is like talking about Microsoft’s Recycle Bin and not mention Apple’s Trash Bin.

The issue is does the Move play better than the Wiimote. I would have to say yes. Navigating a menu was a lot easier without having to worry about whether or not your stick is pointed to a sensor bar. Since the Move is connected to the Playstation Eye, the controller is much more fluid.

All in all, Nintendo is going to have to work to make their Wiimote as good as the Move. Perhaps Sony will work on making the PSP in 3D.


2 thoughts on “I have officially left E3 and still tired after the Move”

  1. lol, doesn’t take much to tire out a keyboard geek, does it?

    in the time that you spent at E3, i’ve split a cut and split a few cords. no, not chords. spring storms that take out your power heat my house during the winter. i get wood just thinking about it.

  2. hahaha, sony, trying to beat kinect with a remote, just face it, xbox rules and ps3 sucks balls! this move will never be as good as kinect, we have already had a motion controller, kinect doesnt have a controller and you are still working with a controller.

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