Best Buy has new Insignia 5.1 Home Theater System up for sale


Best Buy has ensured that their virtual store shelves are now filled up with the spanking new Insignia 5.1 Home Theater System that will come equipped with Audyssey audio technology, which is a complete home audio system from the good people at Insignia. It will be a Best Buy exclusive, no doubt about it, making it one of the more reasonably priced Home Theater system that are offered to consumers where it comes with virtually all of the components required to experience movie theater sound quality in their homes. After all, most consumers want something hassle free – just take a look at the number of instant items we have, ranging from instant noodles to instant coffee and TV dinners. With the Insignia 5.1 Home Theater System, the same applies as it is easy to install, simple to control and won’t break the bank.

As you should be able to tell by the name itself, the Insignia Home Theater System is a complete 5.1 surround sound system which boasts 110-Watts per channel, where it comes with five speakers as well as a powerful 120-Watt subwoofer. It will be made out of high-quality components and is assembled with precision, making sure that you, the consumer, will be able to enjoy a robust surround-sound experience right in the middle of your living room. Each purchase will come with a trio of HDMI 1.4 inputs as well as a solitary HDMI output that will support new Blu-ray audio formats as well as 3D video formats. Apart from that, you will get a pre-programmed Universal remote that was specially designed to work with the latest Insignia home theater products.

The Insignia Home Theater System features Audyssey audio technology that is touted to automatically enhance quieter sections of movies or television shows while leveling out the sounds of loud commercials for a more enjoyable listening experience. Each purchase will also include a speaker setup microphone and Audyssey Auto Setup, that makes it a snap for easy home installation.

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