Line Tracking Robot


Want to have a nifty little robot around your home, but do not want to spend the thousands required to get one? Well, purchasing a robot pretty much follows the law of getting what you paid for, and in this case, $19.99 will net you a Line Tracking Robot that will follow a line drawn by you. What’s so entertaining about this, you ask? For starters, it will be a learning and building toy which will target tween geeks who want to learn more about robotics. Assembling the robot requires a bunch of simple tools, where we’re talking about screwdriver, pliers and cutters, and thankfully, there is no soldering involved so you won’t need to worry about your trembling hands screwing up a whole piece of circuit board. Powered by two AA batteries, we do wonder what happens when the robot gets confused with all the lines criss-crossing each other.

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Mansoor Ahmed Says: June 18, 2010 at 6:06 am

I remembered that day when one of my friends made a maze robot, which used to track the path and find its way itself. But looking at this post i forgot that robot, and now i am concentrating on it to buy it. jst 20 buks.. wow!

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