Game Streamer, I believe you can get me through the night

I case you don’t get the title, it is a reference to a song “Dream Weaver”. You really should know this song, but look it up if you don’t. In the case of Game Streamer, this could get me through the night, and the day.

Game Streamer is “an iTunes for games”. It is an online service that allows its user members to log on to their site, and browse from a bunch of PC games. They have many of the latest ones available, and some of the old games as well.

These games are presented in a facing-front bookshelf format, much like the e-reader on the iPad. Users can select and pay, and the downloading begins. In some cases, the user can actually start to play the game as it is downloading. I am serious about that last feature. Think of it like a YouTube video that you are watching as it is streaming in.

The best part about Game Streamer is that the games can be played from anywhere with an Internet connection. Say you downloaded Bioshock on your home computer, and you have played up to a very critical point. You are actually able to go over to a friend’s spot, user his or her comptuer, and play directly from that saved game. This applies to Internet ready HDTVs too.

Keep an eye out for Game Streamer, as their business model is something to watch for. In the future, they hope to have all their gaming “in the cloud”, so to speak. It will be exciting when that happens.