Hands on with Power Gig: Rise of the SixString at E3 2010

by Mark R

We’ve reported on Power Gig: Rise of the SixString before, and I finally had a chance to try out their SixString guitar controller for myself at E3 in LA.

I can honestly say that Power Gig from Seven45 Studios raises the bar for the music game. If you’ve played Rock Band or Guitar Hero, than you know how you must push a button and flick a “strum bar” in order to match patterns on the screen. Power Gig replaces all the buttons with actual guitar strings.

The Power Gig SixString Guitar is still marked with the colored frets on the neck, so all you are really doing is holding down a string instead of pushing a button. I believe that I was on the easy level, and I only hit one fret during the song. I found even that difficult to get used to, and part of playing the song includes strumming while holding down no string frets, something that other guitar music games don’t have. I wonder if more difficult levels include actual guitar chords. Find out about the drums after the jump.

Power Gig also has a microphone and drums. The drums are not designed with the realism of the guitar and are quite unusual. The drumsticks are electrical, and powered by batteries. The player does not strike anything physical with them, but simply waves the stick above a sensor. By the way, the sticks have to be held a certain way (there is a specially marked place for the thumb) or they will not work.

In summary, I will say that Power Gig is a more advanced version of the music game genre, but it could easily be more advanced. You could be playing real instruments, for example.

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