Hands on with Kung-Fu Live from Virtual Air Guitar Company

by Mark R

Kung-Fu Live takes action games to a whole new level as the player literally is fighting.

Kung-Fu Live makes use of the Playstation Eye in order to put the player in the game environment. The setting looks like something from the eighties video game Double Dragon, as bad street thugs come after you in some back alley.

In order to defeat them, you don’t use any type of “special move” or combination of buttons. All you need to do is punch, kick, or jump when they get within range. I have a video after the jump so you can see it in action for yourself.

I found that playing it was quite a workout, and it was clearly the most energy-draining game since the Wii-Fit. I sort of had a hard time doing this one attack that involves spreading your hands to make an energy beam. It is also weird to fight enemies to the sides of you when you are constantly looking forward. The man who demonstrated it to me was really kicking butt though.

I think that Kung-Fu Live is an example of a trend in video games that encourage the player to get up off of the couch and get a move on. Microsoft has the Kinect, and both Nintendo and Sony have their versions of motion-controllers since the release of the Move.

Kung-Fu Live is coming to the Playstation Network this fall, but the photo that you see here is not an official poster for it. That is something the guys at Virtual Air Guitar whipped up for me while I was at E3, and that is me doing the kicking in the picture. Yes, I know my leg does not match up with the blur.

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