Garmin Astro DC 40 tracking collar for dogs

For folks who love going hunting, then the Garmin Astro DC 40 tracking collar for dogs is just the thing for you as it helps your retrievers, well, retrieve your game without you wondering where the heck Fido has gone to after waiting for a long time for him to return. This second generation device offers a fair number of improvements, including a more durable one inch strap, an integrated GPS receiver in the main housing on the strap, as well as a better designed charging connector. The Astro 220 receiver can track up to 10 different dog collars, where it will receive updates from collars every five, ten, 30, or 120 seconds which have rechargeable batteries.

Source: Navigadget

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  1. bonjours
    vender vous des garmin DC40 colliers + base recepteur car nos somme plusieurs amis chasseurs de FRANCE a vouloir en acheter
    si oui pouvais vous nous donner le prix avec les frais de transport

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