USB LED Desk Lamp Plus Fan

by Ally

Having a small desk usually means you have to sacrifice some of the things you’d like to keep around or you’re going to have to use up floor space.  If you need a fan and a light, but don’t have the room you could always get a fan to sit on the floor and a lamp for your desk.  Then again, you could also use one of these USB lamps that doubles as a fan.  Of course, it might help if you prefer bright flowery gadgets, because this is the only version of the fan up for sale.

To keep it powered the combination gadget just plugs into your normal USB port.  There is one tiny detail that they mention at the very very bottom of the product specs, you cannot actually work the fan and light at the exact same time.  That means you’ll have to choose between light and cooling yourself off.  At least it’s mildly cooler at night when you’ll need the light the most.  If you’re still interested despite that little snag, you can pick one of these up for $16 through Gadget 4 All.

Source: OhGizmo

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