Teknines Nine Millimeter Earphones

by Ally

Gun and/or suicide fanatics can now have the perfect set of earphones.  These earphones are made to look like a pair of 9MM bullets.  Now having a fake bullet jammed in your ear my be perceived as somewhat disturbing, but at least they’re not working bullets.  Besides, they have a pretty shiny gold exterior to give them a much more classy look.

Not only do they look gold, they are plated in actual 18K gold.  They don’t screw around when it comes  to their fake bullets.  These are sold by Munitio, but they’re not being released just yet.  Sadly since these are incredibly nice gold noise canceling earphones, they’re not what I’d call cheap.  Once they’re released later this month they’ll go for $250.

Source: Likecool

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