The Papervore Coffee Table Paper Shredder

by Mark R

This next gadget is known as Papervore from Voos Furniture. It is actually a shredder that works as a coffee table as well. So instead of having a shredder in your office like most people do, this would be in your living room, I guess.

You will note that there is no cord, but there is a crank. Yes, it is a crank-powered one, so you don’t worry about tripping over a cord.

My Source mentioned that probably the only use of a coffee table is to destroy evidence a la Ollie North. I can’t think of why anyone would want to quickly shred some documents. Are you in some illicit business that needs documents shredded in a hurry?

Now, perhaps you have a fireplace near your coffee table, and you can use these shreds for kindling. That, or maybe you have a pet who eats paper, or papervore.

After all, if you look at the etymology of “papervore”, I would imagine that it would be related to carnivore (meat-eating beast), herbivore (plant-eating beast) and omnivore (beast that eats anything). So this would be a creature that eats paper.

I think the price is a little high at $1,250. Of course, if you have some business that requires some shredding in the living room, then I suppose that this could be worth it.


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