Airship Hotel: Lighter than air, but is still a heavy concept

by Mark R

I always wanted to see a world that we dreamed of before the airplane was invented. A world where airships fill the skies like artificial clouds, and we can live on them as long as we fill them with helium.

We’ve reported about similar concepts before with this self-sustaining blimps, the Aircruise, and the Boeing Skyhook. Yeah, I don’t think that this design, known as Airship Traveling, will ever come to pass unless some rich guy just really wants it. Man, does that say something about technological innovation, or what?

The Airship hotel apparently can stay aloft thanks to the power of the sun. I don’t know how that can be, honestly. I mean, how can solar power keep something aloft that is lighter than air? Considering how solar power is pretty inefficient these days, I wonder how it can somehow make helium. Oh man, it better not be using hydrogen. “Does the Hindenburg ring any bells?”

Still, you have to admire this Airship hotel, just for sheer dream value alone. You will note that the artist decided to put this Airship hotel hovering over what looks like Arizona. I guess that would be quite breathtaking view. By the way, how do the guests check into the Airship hotel, with a helicopter?


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James Bond Says: June 15, 2010 at 8:29 am

Hi folks,
Solar panels can provide enough power for an airship on a sunny day, but there will need to be diesel engines for power during the night. One comment in the article needs clarification, in that the term lighter than air refers to the use of a lifting gas. When an airship is operating it is normally ballasted to be slightly heavier than equilibrium so when it stops it does start to descend slowly.
If you want to see more on modern airships, past, present and future see: or if you just want a helium sniffing laugh try the worlds only lighter than air comedy site, with lots of funny pictures and U tube links fit for all the family.
Regards Bond, James Bond.
(Skyship blimp pilot in a View to a Kill)

Kiwiiano Says: June 16, 2010 at 12:26 am

Note that the Hindenberg had such high fatalities because they had installed the fuel tanks directly above the passenger cabins, plus the fabric of the envelope was treated to become highly inflammable.
As hydrogen makes a bee-line for the top of the atmosphere as soon as it is released plus it burns with very little radiant heat, the passengers should have survived the crash easily.
Hydrogen also has the advantage that it has much greater lifting capacity than Helium and is cheaper to obtain.

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