LED Bulb attempts to replace kerosene lamps

by Ally

Apparently 1.6 billion people still rely on kerosene lamps to give them light.  Which for those people the kerosene is expensive enough to suck up 5% of the family’s income.  Plus to make it worse the kerosene gives off noxious cancer-causing fumes.  Well Nokero is attempting to help out those dependent on kerosene and is offering an affordable light that relys upon renewable energy to help them save a whole lot of money.

The light has a total of 4 solar panels and 5 LED lights.  Don’t worry, with all of that technology the light still manages to be rain-proof.  It can be hung from the ceiling thanks to the hook on the top.  It is up for purchase and Nokero is working hard to make sure they stay affordable.  Right now these little bulbs cost $15 a piece or $10 a piece if you buy 48.  They are actually attempting to get the price down to $8.

Source: Inhabitat

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Jake C Says: June 19, 2010 at 5:28 pm

OK. What’s the lumen-per-watt rating on it? Fantastic concept. The article doesn’t answer some fundamental questions which make me sad because now I have to decide whether to research this myself as to why 1.6 billion people still use kerosene (other than abject poverty, which still doesn’t make sense if it uses up so much of the family budget) and if the light is actually adequate to replace kerosene.

If the light isn’t adequate in comparison to kerosene it won’t matter, if the charging of the panels isn’t enough for nightly use, then it’s useless, one might as well import the solar garden lights – the blue ones that distribute the light and are easier for the eye to see things (due to more cones in the eye) in the dark, for a mere, what is it now? $1 per lamp? Get 10, bingo, problem solved.

Besides, they aren’t even frosted like this one is, which will prevent some of the light to get through.

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