Trimtab 3×3 Three Wheeled Vechicle

This is not the first time that I have reported on a three wheeled vehicle before. Usually, my source calls them three-wheeled tricycles. I don’t know why they don’t call them just tricycles, but I guess that just brings up mental images of something small and red. Maybe they should call things like this “BIG Tricycles”.

Anyway, this is the Trimtab 3×3 by designer David Parrott. It is a tricycle, but not the type that a child would ride.

A child might like learning to ride a tricycle like this. Apparently, the Trimtab 3×3 has no handlebars. Apparently, you have to lean to make a turn on this, sort of like a Segway, I guess. There are also some sort of hydraulic levers for tight corners.

Also in the back is a storage compartment that can somehow stay upright no matter what kind of road you are taking. I wonder if this is on a gyroscope or something.

Did I mention the acrylic windscreen? Just the thing to keep bad weather out. Most tricycles and bicycles don’t have something like that, let me tell you.

Unfortunately, this is one of those concept products, so there is no release date or price at the moment.


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