PhoneBook uses your iPhone

If you have kids, then you’ve probably already discovered how much you can keep young children entertained with your phone.  Those of you with an iPhone or an iPod Touch can keep them entranced for even longer.  Well one company in Japan is taking that fascination one step further by creating a PhoneBook that works with your iPhone or iPod Touch to make your child’s book experience a little more thrilling.

Truthfully sometimes I think we get on a little bit of a gadget overkill when it comes to little ones, but I like that this doesn’t require you to purchase yet another expensive gadget.  Besides, it’s better than buying a gadget for them that they’ll only be interested in for a few months.  After you pay for this mildly overpriced book if they get bored, you won’t be out quite as much as you would with other hi-tech toys.  These Japanese books will be released on May 25th.  At that point the book by Mobile Art Lab will cost about $32 through Amazon.  If you want to check it out a little more thoroughly there is a video of it in action on the Amazon product page.

Source: OhGizmo