Monsterbike is the tallest thing on three wheels

I’m sure that you have seen those bikes from the old days, with that huge front wheel. I’m not certain what they are called, but go ahead and cross one of those with a monster truck, and you have this: the Monsterbike.

According to my Source, it is “quite possibly the largest yet rideable three-wheeled bicycle ever made”. Shouldn’t it be the largest tricycle ever made? Oh well. Check out the video after the jump.

Here’s another thing that my source says: “Sure, it’s impractical, but just about everybody will get out of your way when they see you coming. I’d like to see you get the same reaction on a normal bike.”

Is this why someone would invent such a monstrosity? I’m not saying that it is a freaky bike, but it does have “monster” in its name. In other words, I’m not insulting the Monsterbike, because I have been on a two-wheeler in traffic, and if there is one thing that I hate, it is the feeling of being a two-wheeled self-powered person on a four-wheeled, motor-propelled world. It’s like you could be hit by a car, and no one would notice.

This is why the Monsterbike was invented, so everyone would notice. I doubt you could mow over a car with it and create the mayhem and carnage of a Monster Truck rally, but hey, who wouldn’t want to ride this thing?


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