iHome iP49 Portable Rechargeable Audio System for iPhone and iPod

The iHome iP49 Portable Rechargeable Audio System for iPhone and iPod is the latest speaker dock to hit the market, as if there aren’t enough of these running around the market already. This will be a first for iHome in terms of it being a portable offering from the newly minted Studio Series which offers Bongiovi Acoustics’ Digital Power Station technology – the name alone ought to conjure up aural images of top notch quality, don’t you think so? Apart from that, the iP49 is also iHome’s first portable alarm clock radio that sports a rechargeable battery which enables users to enjoy hours of music just about any where and at any time without having to worry about its battery running flat – as long as you start off with a full charge, of course.

Just how much juice do you think this model is able to deliver? Well, the iP49 Portable Rechargeable Audio System with Alarm Clock Radio for iPhone/iPod offers 20 watts of quality power right out of the box which ought to be more than enough to keep a small room well drenched in audio, and with its compact folding design, it is more or less the perfect companion for frequent travelers who require both substance and style in all their devices. With the use of patented DPS technology, it will constantly scan program material in real time, while effectively improve transients and harmonics to result in amazing highs, incredible lows as well as perfect clarity across virtually all frequencies and volume levels.

As with any other self-respecting iPod or iPhone dock, this model also doubles up as a charger when your device is docked. You can choose to listen to your custom playlist, or enjoy its integrated FM radio if you actually ran out of actual songs to listen to. Apart from that, you can also set a variety of alarm settings, where you can choose from weekend, daily or weekly settings to suit your busy lifestyle. Good to know that iHome has also thrown in a remote control for those who are too lazy to get up from their La-Z-Boy couch. Expect the iP49 to retail for $159.99 each.

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