Samsung and 3LCD team up for first 3LCD LED projector


Samsung and 3LCD (you know where they’re heading by the names alone) have joined forces, and this time round their collaboration has resulted in the first 3LCD LED projector in the world known as the F10M. The announcement of the Samsung F10M was made earlier this year at CES 2010, and will also hold another record by being the first LED-based projector with 1,000 lumens in the world. Offering a light life of up to over 30,000 hours as well as XGA resolution, you will be able to throw an image size range from 40″ to 300″, complete with HDMI input and PC connectivity. 3LCD’s technology offers efficient use of light, and thanks to its LED light source, the F10M is able to offer customers an extremely energy efficient projector option, while making it the brightest LED projector in the projection industry simultaneously.

Apart from its pretty impressive specifications for an LED projector, this model also comes with instant on/off functionality, which basically means it does not require any noticeable warm up time at all, letting it produce a nearly instantaneous projected image when turned on. According to Tom Grau, senior product marketing manager for Samsung Electronics Co., “Utilizing 3LCD technology in the F10M was an obvious choice. The technology advantages offered by the 3LCD architecture ensure the F10M provides customers with an incredibly bright and energy efficient projector, and when paired with an LED light source, even more amazing color and image quality.”

To get a better idea of what 3LCD’s features and technological advantages offer, they include a 3-Chip Optical Engine which is able to deliver incredibly bright, true-to-life color. Not only that, 3LCD projectors are able to offer high Color and White Light Output so images, video and text always look their very best. Without the need for a spinning color wheel to produce color, it will not suffer from “the rainbow effect” or “color break-up” that we normally see with LCD projectors. No word on pricing just yet, but it ought to hit the market pretty soon.

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