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Multi-purpose Kaleidoscope Dome Projector


Brando has a brand new toy for you to play around with – we’re talking about the Multi-purpose Kaleidoscope Dome Projector which offers three different types of projection mode. Meant to offer you a soothing moment in which you can spend with yourself in your own cocoon, you can opt to project it onto a ceiling/wall, floor or use the dome case for an added effect. Each $39.90 purchase comes with colorful beads to add more pizzazz into the entire mix, where the dome case can double up as a desk light when required, albeit with all the projections within (which might end up being rather disorienting if you’re trying to snuggle up to a good book). Thanks to its free-rotation function, you are able to point it in virtually any direction of your choice. This is currently priced so cheaply since it is on a monthly promotion, otherwise expect to pay more than double for it.

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