Golf Bag Alarm System


Love the game of golf? Well, for folks who are aboslutely enamoured with this sport will definitely have a great love of their golf bag as well (or bags for the real fanatic). To make sure that nobody tampers with your golf bag whenever you are not around, how about investing $49.95 in the Golf Bag Alarm System? This unique device comprises of a motion sensing radio transmitter that doubles up as a golf ball, alongside a key fob radio receiver. The ball will naturally reside in your golf bag while you carry around the key fob. Should the ball detect substantial movement, it will emit a shrill alarm while sending a signal to the receiver which beeps and vibrates. Not only that, even if someone silently drags the bag away with minimal motion, should it be separated by more than 30 yards from the key fob, the alarm will also sound.

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