Day to Night Baby Log from Skip Hop

by Mark R

For some parents, they just have to log all the things the baby does in a baby book. I think we did that for our firstborn, but after the second, it sort of gets forgotten about.

However, the Day to Night Baby Log is a baby book like no other. Not only is it set up for the parent to journal their baby’s activities, but it has a time capsule.

Unfortunately, it is not the time capsule that you are thinking of. If you want to put the baby’s hair or teeth stashed somewhere, you’ll need something else for that. This is a capsule that is housed in the spine of the book, and it has four LED lights for illuminating the pages.

I believe that the LED lights are for nights when you want to write without turning on the light and waking the baby. It also has an LCD clock and timer, so you will always know what time it was when the baby did…whatever.

The time capsule also has a timer. I’m not certain what you can do with this, except time certain activities that the baby does. Anyway, you should be able to get this Day to Night Baby Log with its spotted cover for $39.00 on the Skip Hop site.


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