Car-shaped house is unusual, but quite energy-efficient

Okay, just picture having this house in your neighborhood. Chances are, the guy living in it would probably be someone that most would avoid, because he is, after all, living out of his car.

That’s only because must suburbanites are too judgmental. If they really got to know this house, then they would see that it uses a “a ‘3 liter’ energy-efficient heating and insulation technique that optimizes all current building technologies, drastically reducing energy consumption.”‘

In other words, this is one car that is actually good for the environment. I’m not certain if it is as good as those houses that Ed Begley Junior builds, but if you don’t need that much space for living, then you might as well live in a giant, energy-conscious Volkswagen Beetle.

This house is designed by a German architect named Markus Voglreiter, and this looks more like a mock-up than the actual thing. I wonder if he is going to live in it, or is he designing it for a famous German environmentalist or something.

By the way, the wheels are just for show. This is one car that will always be parked somewhere, but it looks like it would be difficult to show snow off of its fenders.


2 thoughts on “Car-shaped house is unusual, but quite energy-efficient”

  1. I have absolutely no idea what technologies are being used to make such a house eco friendly.

    I have no idea the dimensions of this thing.

    Thanks for providing the source.

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