Bitbop for the BlackBerry

by Mark R

The first time I heard of Bitbop, it was at a party in Vegas for CTIA 2010. I have since had a chance to try out the service on a BlackBerry.

For those of you who don’t know, Bitbop is a mobile application that allows users to watch and download television shows from a mobile device.

The Beta version is available for the BlackBerry, and requires downloading an app to use it. Right now, the selection isn’t as broad as what is on Hulu, and I’m not certain that it is by design. I believe Bitbop is owned by Fox, but they also have content by NBC.

Show selection as far as episodes is concerned, as there were about only two episodes of the latest shows still on the air. Granted, this app is still in Beta, so I would imagine that there is probably more to come, but probably not from CBS or ABC.

The best part is that the shows come through without any annoying ads. If you watch enough Hulu, then you start to get sick of the ads that play over and over again.

I believe that the service will have unlimited access to their content for just $9.99. I’m not certain if there is a more affordable plan, or free-trial. Check it out here.

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