MSI presents Wind Top AE2420 3D at Computex 2010


MSI decided to take advantage of its presence at Computex 2010 in Taipei, Taiwan, by rolling its latest desktop machine – the Wind Top AE2420 3D. This is the first 25″ 120Hz panel 3D touchscreen computer in the world, and it looks pretty stunning in our opinion. What makes the AE2420 3D stand out from all of the other all in one machines? Well, this model is no slouch when it comes to performance, boasting an exclusive built-in 3D Station technology, 3D Shutter Glasses and Hollywood grade sound system to keep you as well as anyone else in your home to be impressed with your setup. Not only that, instead of sporting an Atom processor as with other all-in-one PCs, the 3D AIO PC carries the latest Intel Core i series high performance core computing series. Whether for gaming or entertainment, you can be sure that the Wind Top AE2420 3D will not fail you.

The MSI Wind Top AE2420 3D is also more than capable of running touch-operated 3D games, although it remains to be seen just what sort of titles will be made available to the masses in the immediate future. You get a 120Hz high resolution panel which will transmit high density 3D digital content to pair of shutter glasses, where using precise image processing technology, 3D visual effects can be simulated. Basically, you get to 3D-fy everything, even regular DVDs by popping them in, and the 24″ display ought to be large enough to cater for a wide range of folks sitting around in your living room.

While this sounds like a dream machine, it is more or less suitable for those who are just starting off and want an above average machine, although purists and hardcore gamers will prefer to stick to a machine that is built from ground up, since they know what they’re getting as well as have full control over which components go in for the best possible gaming experience. If you want a no-frills machine that is able to juggle between work and play right out of the box, you probably won’t go wrong with the MSI Wind Top AE2420 3D. Just make sure you keep a cleaning cloth handy nearby since I think there will be lots of fingerprints and smudges for you to clean up after each use.

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ligou Says: September 6, 2010 at 5:43 am

From a multimedia point of view, this machine is fantastic. I am very much interested by 3D options.

Can we say the same thing for normal use: video editing, scientific calculations, etc…In that case, a matte screen is absolutely needed. Can we choose?

Any answer would be welcome.
Jacques Ligou

Edwin Says: September 7, 2010 at 6:45 pm

You’ve gotta ask the good people at MSI, Ligou

Julia Says: January 7, 2011 at 12:22 pm

With the i7 processor sold in the USA this computer rocks. It is the most beautiful computer – a work of art. Touch screen works very well – was just touring in the Rhine Valley in 3D. 3D is amazing. Size is perfect. Monitor amazing. Fast, blu ray, tuner, usb3, sata6 capable but comes with sata3 drive mind you its at 7200 RPM. Keyboard is chicklet and also works very very well. Mouse is perfect for woman’s hand, maybe too small for men. But then most of navigation I use touchscreen. This is simply the most amazing stock computer ever created. Eat your heart out Dell, HP, Acer, Asus as I looked at all your AIO and nothing touched MSI.

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