Panasonic offers first surround bar home theater speaker systems

Panasonic is first off the mark to roll out their maiden surround bar home theater speaker systems known as the SC-HTB10 and SC-HTB500 which will arrive at store shelves just in time for all of your summer entertainment purposes. Both models are able to fit in front of the TV in a pinch, and will not require any rocket science to install, being a stylish alternative to a home theater sound system. They come with a single HDMI 1.4 input that is also able to pass through 3D video from a connected Blu-ray 3D player, coupled with a solitary HDMI 1.4 output with audio return channel. Guess this summer is going to be an interesting one as you look for upgrades to your living room entertainment system to keep up with the times, and being 3D ready, you might as well splash more money on a new 3D-capable TV, don’t you think so?

As for the SC-HTB10, this model will come with an integrated subwoofer, making it the ideal choice for televisions up to 42″ in size, while the SC-HTB500 was designed for larger screen TV displays and will ship with a separate wireless subwoofer. Needless to say, the latter would reside in the higher end in the overall scheme of things, but with more and more people living in smaller and smaller apartments due to the lack of space, it would be no surprise to see the SC-HTB10 sell many more units compared to the SC-HTB500, and we’re pretty sure that the cheaper price has something to do with it as well.

Both surround bar systems are able to deliver dialogue that is crisp and clear, courtesy of the advanced bamboo cone speaker design and Clear-Mode Dialogue that makes the sound seem as though it is coming from the center of the TV display. Not only that, you will also benefit from more precise linking of the picture and the sound, resulting in clean pure sound for dialogue voices on video and vocals on music. The SC-HTB10 won’t take up too much space at a mere 31.5″ wide, while the SC-HTB500 has a width of 41.5″. Shared specifications include 2.1-channel audio. Expect the SC-HTB10 and SC-HTB500 to retail for $199.95 and $349.95, respectively, as they roll out in June and August.

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