Protect 486 puts a protective shell around a scooter

by Mark R

This is from designer Marc Graells Ballve, and, as you may have guessed, it is some anti-theft device for scooters.

Clearly, the designer gets his inspiration from nature with the armadillo as the armor can retract like that animal’s armor.

I have no idea how heavy this armor is, but it looks pretty light, almost like plastic. I’m guessing that it requires some sort of lock at the bottom so the shell is secure.

He was obviously inspired by something else, the Batman movie by Tim Burton. Some of you remember in the first film, where Batman says “shields”, and those steel plates come up and protect the Batmobile from theft or people that just want to steal the tires.

I remember that the “shield” effect from the film looked a little fake, probably done with stop-and-go animation. The effect was done somewhat better in the sequel, Batman Returns, but it didn’t quite look right.

Anyway, this Protect 486 is a good proof of concept at least. I would imagine that it would protect the scooter from the rain, at least.

Maybe one day there will be one of these shells on every scooter. Seeing them parked together will be like a giant armadillo invasion.


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techqc Says: May 28, 2010 at 6:52 pm

This concept will make someone ridiculously rich.

Commercial Flyer Printing Says: May 28, 2010 at 7:45 pm

Cool concept. In case this “armor” really booms, it’d be cool to see some unique designs and see those scooters parked together, make it look like superheroes are gathering in the area. 😀

Doc Cocoy Says: May 28, 2010 at 9:34 pm

Protects it from the rain and elements yes.
Theft NO… its so cute anyone would really be tempted to just load ’em on a truck one armadillo at a time.

hukiworld Says: May 30, 2010 at 6:32 am

I agree with the Doc, it might not prevent theft, in fact, might actually encourage it if someone is in need of a shielding for some invention at home in the background- this makes a great lawn decor. I definitely love it would blend in with nature. We need to get in touch with this planet more and remember we do not own this planet, has anyone ever been able to stop a environmental disaster?

Eggxactly! Than you know who truly is in control of the elements, it isn’t some rich tycoon who thinks he owns the land because when mother nature says goodbye, it’s bye-bye and nothing you do can stop it no matter how much money you have. We need to learn to live with our environment and not have so much modern technology stick out like a sore thumb everywhere.

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