Mimo 720-F “Flex Screen” Touchscreen Monitor

When we talk about purchasing another monitor, most of us would think of getting something that is at least similar in size to the one which we currently use, and definitely not smaller. That’s how it is supposed to be (some unwritten rule somewhere obviously), but guess times and needs have certainly changed, which is why these days it might even end up being trendy to get a small 7″ LCD monitor to function as a minor extension of your desktop. Of course, only a handful of models are out there at the moment, and Mimomonitors.com is certainly at the forefront of things where USB-driven mini-monitors are concerned. Their latest device, the Mimo 720-F “Flex Screen” Touchscreen Monitor, has just arrived at the market and is the result of Mimo consumer demand especially after so many customers asked for an easily-mountable touchscreen monitor.

The Mimo 720-F “Flex Screen” Touchscreen Monitor will be based on the popular Mimo Mobile Slider series, where it will sport a VESA 75 Standard-compatible back bracket (alongside a quartet of screws), enabling the user to mount on wall brackets, adjustable arm brackets, plus auto seats and dashboards. Basically, this opens up a whole new world of possibilities for home, desktop, auto, retail and commercial uses! Of course, since this monitor is connected to your machine via USB, it makes perfect sense that you won’t need to lug around another video cable or power adapter on your travels, making it the ideal companion wherever you go. Guess this is more suitable for notebook and netbook use rather than sitting at home, snuggling up beside your desktop.

Retailing for $199 a pop, each purchase comes with the aforementioned VESA 75 standard compatible back bracket, a 7″ LCD touchscreen display at 800 x 480 resolution, 350 cd/m2 brightness, and 400:1 contrast ratio, letting you mount it just about anywhere your imagination allows you to.

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