Magellan has new range of RoadMate GPS navigation devices

Magellan certainly know their way around in the world of GPS navigation, and have come up with a new generation of RoadMate series of portable vehicle navigation devices. This new series will comprise of a model for just about anybody, since it comes in a range of screen sizes as well as feature sets that should have no problem meeting any consumer navigation needs. Basically, the new line was specially designed to bring daily relevance to the GPS navigator, helping them arrive at their respective destinations quicker. To sweeten the deal, Magellan ensures all their new 2010 RoadMate navigators will ship with integrated Free Lifetime Live Traffic. This service basically allows you to be informed of the latest traffic conditions even before you leave the home, calculating new route options where possible. Perfect if you’re rushing for time, eh? Not too sure how efficient it would be in a city that is gridlocked in a perennial jam like Bangkok though.

Apart from that, the whole RoadMate lineup will feature an exclusive OneTouch personalization feature that enables you to save favorite places, categories and searches. Support for spoken street names, 6 million points of interest, QuickSpell for error-free address entry and multi-destination routing are also thrown into the mix for good measure, where you can also take advantage of the specialized parking features including the Automatic Parking Lot Finder that can identify local parking lots once you arrive at your destination. This is a great advantage especially if you are in unfamiliar territory. Not only that, the Find Your Car feature can record the location of your car and direct you to it – perfect in new malls that are absolutely huge and packed to the brim.

What we like most would be the high end Magellan RoadMate 3065 Commuter that is capable of waking itself up 30 minutes before your pre-determined commute begins, where it will go about gathering relevant traffic information. This means by the time you are ready to take off in your car, the 3065 Commuter is already loaded with the optimal route for the day’s commute.

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